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Friday, August 20, 2010

W at the W!! ((Hey Baby Imma..))

Leftover pizza and coffee.. the breakfast of true rockstars!! And I certainly partied like one last night :) The Ghost Bar at the W Hotel was the place to be. It was hosted by the rockstars of and I was there celebrating the birthday of Dominique Wright, one half of the duo that makes up W Photography (Shout out to Terri B!!).

Below is some of my work with W Photography!


Monday, August 16, 2010

Jesus is My Boyfriend!

Makeup by Drea
A shoot I am particularly proud of was the one I did for 
founded by NFL player Mark Clayton and based here in Dallas. 
MyChristianT is not only a website designed to sell t-shirts, but is more so a lifestyle purposed to inspire and spread the gospel through fashion. They have both mens and womens apparel with t-shirts that read "Property of Jesus", "Twitter Jesus", and my fav "Jesus is my Boyfriend".

The look was edgy so everyone was geared up in their Jesus hoodies and jeans. So to keep it street I gave the girls heavy brows and smoky eyes, lots of lip colour and contouring! The face of Christianity is changing and I love it!!
Makeup by Drea

Fancy's baaaack!!

My oh my I've been away for too long. Father forgive me, it's been eight months since my last confession! Lol. I've had alot going on in the time that I was away.. Good things.. all good things :)

All Star weekend.. yes it was back in February but I must address it because for me it was a big deal. For the first time it was held right here in my own back yard, Dallas, TX!! I, along with my crew, was sooo excited because I just knew the streets would be filled with celebrities and puerto rican papis from NY that would whisper spanish in my ear and then wisk me off to the east coast to eat New York pizza and have babies with good hair. Clearly it didn't happen that way, but a girl can always dream :)

Good things did come of the weekend nonetheless. I was asked to do makeup for a fashion show that was to be hosted by Kobe Bryant. Of course he was a no-show (wifey wasn't having it I suppose;)but I did get to meet an amazing up and coming designer. I can't remember her name because I spent the entire night convincing her and her two assistants that they were literally the asian version of the Kardashians.

Backstage at the show with the "Asian Kardashians".. I'm the black bff lol